Commit 446a4ee2 authored by Rob Nelson's avatar Rob Nelson
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Update converter script.

parent ac51495f
......@@ -5,4 +5,8 @@ playlists:
- jazz
tracks: []
\ No newline at end of file
- "rock/Starcraft 2 Jukebox - Big Tuna - Jem's Song-_k5YVy2QabQ.mp3"
- "rock/Starcraft 2 Jukebox - Whiteboy James and the Blues Express - Excuse Me For Scribblin'-muUQqtqU6GY.mp3"
- "rock/Starcraft 2 Jukebox - Whiteboy James and the Blues Express - A Zerg, A Shotgun and You-WVRZAJTJKYs.mp3"
- "rock/Starcraft 2 Jukebox - Bourbon Cowboys - Suspicious Minds-5RmM57wicb4.mp3"
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ cmds += [(
# Was originally going to use OGG.
#cmds += [('oggenc tmp/VOX-sox-word.wav -o '+oggfile,oggfile)]
playlists = ['rock','jazz','bar','endgame','shuttle','muzak', 'emagged', 'clockwork', 'thunderdome'] # Keygen is too fucking big.
playlists = ['rock','jazz','bar','endgame','shuttle','muzak', 'emagged', 'clockwork', 'thunderdome', 'delta', 'beach'] # Keygen is too fucking big.
deadfiles = []
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ def check(wdir, exts, op, **kwargs):
for file in files:
title, ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(fromfile))
if ext.strip(u'.') not in exts:
if len(exts) > 0 and ext.strip(u'.') not in exts:
#logging.warn(u'Skipping {} ({})'.format(fromfile, ext))
op(fromfile, **kwargs)
......@@ -257,6 +257,23 @@ class TimeExecution(object):
def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):' Completed in {1}s - {0}'.format(self.label, secondsToStr(TIME_SOURCE() - self.start_time)))
return False
def check_converted(infile,basedir='tmp_files'):
global sourcefiles
sinfile = removeNonAscii(infile)
if sinfile != infile:
logging.critical("File {} (stripped) has nonascii filename.".format(sinfile))
global sourcefiles, deadfiles
if isinstance(infile, unicode):
infile = infile.decode('utf-8')
title, ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(infile))
playlist = os.path.relpath(os.path.dirname(infile),u'./'+basedir)
sourcefile = os.path.join(playlist,cleanFilename(title))
if sourcefile not in sourcefiles:
if os.path.isfile(infile):
logging.critical("File {} has no matching source, removing.".format(infile))
def convert_to_mp3(infile,newroot,args):
global sourcefiles, OUTPUT_EXT
......@@ -278,7 +295,7 @@ def convert_to_mp3(infile,newroot,args):
if newroot not in skip_tagging:
return"Converting {}...".format(outfile))"Converting {}...".format(origfile))
if ext in (u'.m4a',u'.webm'):
......@@ -330,10 +347,9 @@ def del_dirs(src_dir):
logging.basicConfig(format='%(asctime)s [%(levelname)-8s]: %(message)s', datefmt='%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p', level=logging.INFO)
with open('config.yml','r') as f:
config = yaml.load(f)
......@@ -344,9 +360,11 @@ move(source_dir,
)'Checking converted files...')
check(u'tmp_files', (OUTPUT_EXT,), check_converted)
for playlist in playlists:
move(os.path.join('tmp_files',playlist), os.path.join(OUTPUT_DIR), [OUTPUT_EXT], OUTPUT_EXT, filename_md5, playlist=playlist)
check(os.path.join(OUTPUT_DIR), ('m4a','wav','mp3','ogg','webm','oga'), check_md5s)
check(OUTPUT_DIR, ('m4a','wav','mp3','ogg','webm','oga'), check_md5s)
for deadfile in deadfiles:
if os.path.isfile(deadfile):
......@@ -357,13 +375,17 @@ for deadfile in deadfiles:
for plID,plConfig in config['playlists'].items():
if 'include' in plConfig:
if 'files' in plConfig['include']:
for nf in plConfig['include']['tracks']:
md5 = revmd5s[nf]
for nf in plConfig['include']['files']:
md5 = revmd5s[os.path.join('tmp_files',nf)]
if plID not in fileRegistry[md5]['playlists']:'Media file %s included to playlist %s.',md5,plID)'Media file %s included to playlist %s.',nf,plID)
fileRegistry[md5]['playlists'] += [plID]
numIncluded += 1
logging.warn('Playlist %s trying to include %s, when it already has it.',plID,nf)
if 'playlists' in plConfig['include']:
playlistsWanted = plConfig['include']['playlists']
if len(playlistsWanted)>0:
......@@ -373,8 +395,11 @@ for plID,plConfig in config['playlists'].items():
if plWanted in fileRegistry[md5]['playlists']:
wanted = True
if wanted and plID not in fileRegistry[md5]['playlists']:'Media file %s included to playlist %s.',md5,plID)'Media file %s included to playlist %s.',md5,plID)
fileRegistry[md5]['playlists'] += [plID]
if numIncluded > 0:'%d media files included to playlist %s.',numIncluded,plID)
#with open(OUTPUT_DIR+'/sauce.txt','w') as f:
# for md5,filename in sorted(md5s.items()):
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