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"startup": {
"ion-cannon-radius": {
"value": 25
"ion-cannon-heatup-multiplier": {
"value": 2
"ion-cannon-laser-damage": {
"value": 2500
"ion-cannon-explosion-damage": {
"value": 1000
"ion-cannon-flames": {
"value": true
"ion-cannon-bob-updates": {
"value": true
"rampant-useDumbProjectiles": {
"value": true
"rampant-useNEUnitLaunchers": {
"value": true
"angels-enable-icon-scaling-silos": {
"value": false
"angels-infinite-ores-yield": {
"value": 20
......@@ -174,6 +195,12 @@
"bobmods-mining-waterminers": {
"value": true
"replace-electronics": {
"value": true
"replace-warfare": {
"value": true
"bobmods-modules-enablegodmodules": {
"value": false
......@@ -339,12 +366,18 @@
"bobmods-plates-cheapersteel": {
"value": true
"bobmods-plates-groundwater": {
"value": false
"bobmods-plates-inventorysize": {
"value": 60
"bobmods-plates-oreoverride": {
"value": true
"bobmods-plates-purewater": {
"value": false
"bobmods-vehicleequipment-enablevehiclegrids": {
"value": true
......@@ -359,6 +392,18 @@
"runtime-global": {
"ion-cannon-auto-targeting": {
"value": true
"ion-cannon-target-worms": {
"value": true
"ion-cannon-auto-target-visible": {
"value": true
"ion-cannon-cooldown-seconds": {
"value": 300
"rampant-attackWaveGenerationUsePollution": {
"value": true
......@@ -368,12 +413,12 @@
"rampant-attackWaveGenerationThresholdMin": {
"value": 0
"rampant-attackPlayerThreshold": {
"value": 7
"rampant-attackWaveGenerationThresholdMax": {
"value": 20
"rampant-attackPlayerThreshold": {
"value": 7
"rampant-attackWaveMaxSize": {
"value": 150
......@@ -398,6 +443,12 @@
"rampant-safeBuildings-trainStops": {
"value": true
"rampant-permanentNocturnal": {
"value": false
"rampant-aiPointsScaler": {
"value": 1
"weed-radius": {
"value": 2
......@@ -440,6 +491,15 @@
"rso-enemy-base-size": {
"value": 1
"rso-distance-exponent": {
"value": 1.1
"rso-fluid-distance-exponent": {
"value": 0.6
"rso-size-exponent": {
"value": 0.2
"rso-use-donuts": {
"value": false
......@@ -456,5 +516,21 @@
"value": true
"runtime-per-user": {}
"runtime-per-user": {
"ion-cannon-play-voices": {
"value": true
"ion-cannon-voice-style": {
"value": "CommandAndConquer"
"ion-cannon-play-klaxon": {
"value": true
"ion-cannon-ready-ticks": {
"value": 300
"ion-cannon-verbose-print": {
"value": false
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# Rampant Tactics
Factorio Mod - Improves the enemies tactics by using potential fields/pheromones allowing probing of defenses, retreats, reinforcements, counterattacking, breaching, rallying death cry, and player hunting. Also removes homing biter projectiles.
# Forum Post
# Notes
0.14.14 factorio version fixed save corruption
0.14.10 factorio version fixed more pathing issues
0.14.4 factorio version fixed some issues with unit groups commands
There will be a slight pause the first time this is started up due to indexing all the chunks that have been generated.
MP should be working
Configure Options not in game menu:
- Ramp up to max biter wave size
# Features
- Recycling Biters - When large groups of biters form on the game map and aren't assigned to a unit group or near a base will be periodically removed and refunded to the ai causing attack waves proportional to the number of units removed.
- Breaching - When biters are destroying structures nearby unit groups will come to join them
- Frenzy squads - When a unit group gets close to a player or start combat they switch to attacking everything in there path for a set radius or until there is nothing left
- Rabid squads - Is in a permanent frenzied state as soon as the group is formed
- Tactical Retreats - these will take place when a unit group is in a chunk that has reached a death threshold
- Unit Group Merging - if multiple unit groups retreat at the same time there is a chance the groups will merge
- Unit Group Forming - any chunks with spawners in it that is covered by a pollution or player clouds will form groups based on the evolution factor
- Probing Behavior Against Defenses - unit groups will attempt to avoid chunks that are soaked in death
- Player Hunting - unit groups will track the player based on there emitted pheromone cloud
- Rallying Death Cry - when a unit is killed on a chunk that is past the retreat threshold, the unit will attempt to summon reinforcements to help them
- Counterattacks - when the player is in combat near nests they will send reinforcements to unit groups
- Reinforcements - nests will send assistance to nearby nests under attack by the player
- No Homing Projectiles - all projectiles are fired at locations and no longer track the player
- Pathfinding - unit groups will use potential fields to perform only single step pathfinding allowing for efficient and dynamic pathing
- Peace mode - if something sets peace mode, Rampant will respect it
# Planned Features
- Tunneling Biters
- Fire Biters
- Suicide Biters
- Infesting Biters
- Adaptive aliens
- Base Expansion
# Version History
0.15.5 -
- Tweak: Increased ai refund from 2 to 3
- Fix: Signals, Chain Signals, and Train stops now correctly rebuild when the corresponding make safe is toggled
- Feature: Remote interfaces for adjusting wave size, thresholds, ai build points, ai state, player thresholds, and attack triggers
- Improvement: Added reactor, programmable speaker, radars, lights, and rocket silo to biter targets
- Improvement: Switched all configs to global runtime except Dumb projectiles and NE Unit Launcher Options
0.15.4 -
- Fix: Changed setting name from "make buildings safe from biters" to "Enable building safety." This is to clarify what the setting does.
0.15.3 -
- Improvement: Added configuration for safe buildings. This will be improved after a bug fix in factorio
0.15.2 -
- Improvement: Created in game options for
- Max biter wave size
- Use dumb projectiles
- Use Natural Evolution unit launchers (Requires NE)
- Togglable attack wave triggers (pollution, player)
- Attack wave pollution trigger threshold
0.15.1 -
- Tweak: Increased small spitter damage from 7 to 15
- Tweak: Increased medium spitter damage from 15 to 22
- Improvement: Replaced game.evolution with game.forces.enemy.evolution
- Improvement: Fixed flame-thrower to flamethrower
- Improvement: Changed tunnel to have non-zero hp
0.14.13 -
- Reverted: Pheromone generation tweaks from 0.14.11
- Feature: Recycling large biter swarms that are stuck (causes a big attack wave, and pops up a message)
- Feature: Breaching, Biters destroying player buildings will attract other unit groups
- Tweak: Reduced unit group max size from 600 to 450
- Tweak: Reduced unit group radius from 30 to 20
- Fix: Unit groups merging during combat
- Optimization: Cleaned up regroup squad function to scale better
- Optimization: Retreats only fire once per chunk for every logic cycle
- Improvement: Cleaned up dispersion function for Pheromones
- Improvement: Increased attack wave frequency based on evolution factor (mainly for endgame)
0.14.12 -
- Tweak: Decreased slow map scan chunks scanned per logic cycle from 8 to 6
- Fix: Didn't set new version number forcing chunk recalculation every load
- Improvement: Added player buildings to slow map scan to catch buildings made outside factorio event system, (i.e. FARL)
- Improvement: Added console message when upgrading
0.14.11 -
- Tweak: Increased pheromone generation on (This only potential affects target selection and pathfinding, these do not trigger biter waves):
- Generators from 8 to 12
- Pumps from 2 to 5
- Offshore Pumps from 2 to 5
- Transport Belts from 1 to 2
- Accumulator from 10 to 14
- Solar Panel from 8 to 12
- Boiler from 12 to 16
- Assembling Machines from 10 to 16
- Roboport from 10 to 14
- Beacon from 10 to 14
- Furance from 12 to 16
- Mining Drills from 15 to 19
- Ammo Turret from 2.5 to 5
- Wall from 0.25 to 0.55
- Electric Turret from 4.25 to 7
- Fluid Turret from 5 to 9
- Turret from 3.5 to 5
- Tweak: Reduced map scan speed from 10 chunks to 8 chunks to account for worms in calculation
- Tweak: Increased pheromone dispersion from 0.05 to 0.1
- Tweak: Increased unit group move distance from 32 to 40
- Tweak: Reduced unit group member disown distance from 10 to 5
- Tweak: Increased unit group max slow down when ahead from 0.6 to 1
- Tweak: Reduced unit group max speedup when behind from 1.4 to 1.1
- Tweak: Increased unit group max slowdown from slow members from 0.3 to 0.9 (this is max speed multipler, so this is faster)
- Tweak: Increased unit attack radius from 20 to 28 tiles
- Improvement: Increased movement cycles for larger groups from 4 cycles to 6 cycles
- Improvement: Biter groups should attempt to avoid getting too close to water (screws up pathing)
- Improvement: Added worms to chunk calculation for determining better unit group formation and pathing
- Improvement: Removed nest negative contribution to base pheromone map for better pathing
- Improvement: Pheromones no longer travel over impassable terrain
- Fix: Prevent group spawning on chunks with enemy structures
- Fix: Capped the max group size that can be created by merging to 600 biters
- Fix: Dispand unit groups larger than 600 (, Thank you Nerchio for the save game)
0.14.10 -
- Feature: Replaces homing projectiles with non homing versions
- Improvement: Respect for peace mode. To be used with something like the True Peace Mod
- Fix: Enforce rate limit for retreats
0.14.9 -
- Fix: Added null check in rally cry for chunks that have yet to be generated by game engine (
0.14.8 -
- Feature: Rallying death cry, when a native dies on a chunk past the death threshold it will attempt to summon reinforcements from nearby nests
- Tweak: Increased unit group merge distance from 16 to 28 tiles
- Tweak: Increased retreat grab radius from 15 tiles to 24 tiles
- Tweak: Decreased vengeance squad cost from 50 to 45
- Improvement: On group merge recalculate the kamikaze threshold, so groups that become large have a chance to kamikaze before attacking
- Improvement: Disallow group merges when units are taking and receiving damage
- Fix: Corrected unit group frenzy trigger based on engaging a target
- Optimization: Switched to increment tick counter for processing and logic event
- Optimization: Rate limited rally cry to 3/0.75 sec
- Optimization: Rate limited retreat to 8/0.75 sec
0.14.7 -
- Feature: Counterattack waves trigger when the player is standing in a chunk with the death pheromone past the retreat threshold
- Feature: Reinforcement waves trigger when the player is standing in a chunk that contains a nest
- Tweak: Increased max number of unit groups that can be active concurrently from 30 to 40
- Improvement: Removed restriction on unit group formations around nests
0.14.6 -
- Major Fix: Corrected retreat logic having inverted comparison introduced in 14.4, so unit groups stopped retreating after lots of death happened in a chunk
- Major Fix: Corrected pheromone dispersal with negative numbers
- Fix: Adjusted scoring so unit groups try to avoid nest clusters when retreating (Messes up pathfinding)
- Fix: When placing a player building ai was given credit as if they destroyed it
- Tweak: Reduced retreat time length from 4.5 to 3 seconds
- Tweak: Reduced death pheromone produced on death from 100 to 75
- Tweak: Increased attack radius of unit groups from 16 to 20 tiles
- Tweak: Increased attack time length from 2.25 to 3 seconds
- Tweak: Increased nest pheromone production from 15 to 30
- Tweak: Increased unit group search radius during formations from 2 chunks to 3 chunks
- Framework: Decoupled squad status and kamikaze flag
- Improvement: Biters don't retreat when dying on a chunk with a nest
- Improvement: Chunks covered by nest pheromone remove death pheromone faster
- Improvement: Attack wave size varies based on normal distribution that is centered around a scaled evolution factor that is lower than vanilla
0.14.5 -
- Improvement: Enlarged player processing bubble from 3 to 4 chunks (pheromone radius is still 4 chunks)
- Fix: Increased player scoring weight, so biter groups correctly hunt once more (
- Improvement: Adjusted attack pathing, so groups can move diagonally
- Fix: Unit group retreating when player occupies same chunk
0.14.4 -
- Fixed a bug in the processing queue when upgrading mod
- Greatly decreased Player pheromone radius, now sits at roughly 4 chunks around the player
- Reworked pheromone pathfinding
- Removed base and defense attack wave trigger, in favor of using player pheromone and pollution
- Added periods of time where the enemy is not sending Rampant attack waves
- Adjusted retreat percentage to suit the reduced attack wave size
- Improved responsiveness on larger maps
- Reduced AI max build points
- Fixed player iteration bug
0.14.3 -
- Slightly lowered Rampant attack wave frequency
- Altered attack wave size to ramp up slower
- Added configuration options for:
- - Attack wave generation area
- - Attack wave threshold
- - Attack wave size
- - Turn off rampant attack waves
0.14.2 -
- Adjusted unit retreat group size threshold
- Adjusted squad attack pattern (
- Fixed migration issue
0.14.1 -
- Fixed ai created bases not being counted in logic
- Optimization to offset ai created bases scanning
0.13.5 = 0.14.5
0.13.4 = 0.14.4
0.13.3 = 0.14.3
0.13.2 = 0.14.2
0.13.1 - Back ported 0.14 factorio version to 0.13 factorio version
0.0.8 -
- Fixed retreat oscillations (
- Added scaling for kamikaze attack (
- Increased squad size max from 125 to 150, (larger waves)
0.0.6 -
- Some speed improvements
- MP is working (
0.0.5 -
- Fix for nil chunk in ai attack (
- Checks for main surface (
- Updated info with forum homepage
0.0.4 - initial release
local config = {}
local mathUtils = require("libs/MathUtils")
local gaussianRandomRange = mathUtils.gaussianRandomRange
attackWaveScaling is used to calculate the attack wave size from the evolutionFactor
default is natives.attackWaveMaxSize * (evolutionFactor ^ 1.666667)
DOES NOT affect vanilla biters waves
config.attackWaveScaling = function (evolutionFactor, natives)
local attackWaveMaxSize = natives.attackWaveMaxSize
return math.ceil(gaussianRandomRange(attackWaveMaxSize * (evolutionFactor ^ 1.66667),
(attackWaveMaxSize * 0.5) * 0.333,
attackWaveMaxSize + (attackWaveMaxSize * 0.25)))
return config
-- imports
local entityUtils = require("libs/En