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# MvM Fix - Cash Overflow
A simple SourceMod plugin to cap MvM cash to $30,000 per player, in order to work around a bug that causes net buffer overflow errors when reconnecting to the server.
Used on the 7chan FAILTRAIN 30-wave MvM Server.
# Installation
## Watchdog
1. `cd` to the directory your watchdog `conf.d` is.
2. Run ` enable sourcemod/fixcashoverflow` to enable the module.
3. Restart Watchdog.
## Manual
1. Download
2. Install `fixcashoverflow.smx` to `tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins`
3. Install `fixcashoverflow.phrases.txt` to `tf/addons/sourcemod/gamedata`
4. Restart the server
# Configuration
This plugin has no configuration options.
# Commands
This plugin has no commands.
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