Commit 0fa98257 authored by Heredth's avatar Heredth
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Removed maint access.

Also, I fixed a thing by doing it. Good times.
parent 22f8689f
......@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@
supervisors = "NanoTransen Law, CentComm Officals, and the stations captain."
selection_color = "#dddddd"
access = list(access_lawyer, access_court, access_sec_doors, access_maint_tunnels, access_cargo, access_medbay, access_bar, access_kitchen, access_hydroponics)
minimal_access = list(access_lawyer, access_court, access_sec_doors. access_maint_tunnels, access_cargo, access_bar, access_kitchen)
minimal_access = list(access_lawyer, access_court, access_sec_doors, access_cargo, access_bar, access_kitchen)
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