Commit 1db02d34 authored by Adrian Dias da Costa Lima's avatar Adrian Dias da Costa Lima Committed by Intigracy
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Broken components can now be fixed with nanopaste (#12391)

* broken components can be fixed

* damn you dme

* do after and fuck you dme
parent 8a1a0449
......@@ -23,12 +23,9 @@
qdel (wrapped)
wrapped = null
wrapped = new/obj/item/broken_device
var/obj/item/broken_device/G = new/obj/item/broken_device
G.component = wrapped.type // the broken component now "remembers" the component it used to be, now it's scrap. This is used to fix the scrap into the component it was.
wrapped = G
// The thing itself isn't there anymore, but some fried remains are.
installed = -1
......@@ -130,6 +127,7 @@
name = "broken component"
icon = 'icons/robot_component.dmi'
icon_state = "broken"
var/component = null //This remembers which component was it before breaking, so it can be fixed later (i.e nanopaste)
icon = 'icons/robot_component.dmi'
......@@ -161,6 +159,15 @@
name = "radio"
icon_state = "radio"
/obj/item/broken_device/attackby(var/obj/item/weapon/W, var/mob/user)
if(istype(W, /obj/item/stack/nanopaste))
var/obj/item/stack/nanopaste/C = W
new src.component (src.loc)
to_chat(user, "<span class='notice'>You fix the broken component.</span>")
//Robotic Component Analyser, basically a health analyser for robots
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