Just deleted about 400 bot accounts and a bunch of spam. To mitigate this in the future, we've enabled reCaptcha on signup. Let me know if someone got caught in the crossfire.

Commit 2e6c8e66 authored by Adrian Dias da Costa Lima's avatar Adrian Dias da Costa Lima Committed by PJB3005
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Kick act for fabricators (protolathes, autolathes, exosuit, etc) (#13994)

* protokick

* hmm
parent d02b9f7b
......@@ -452,6 +452,11 @@
temp = "Unable to connect to local R&D Database.<br>Please check your connections and try again.<br><a href='?src=\ref[src];clear_temp=1'>Return</a>"
// Tell the machine to start processing the queue on the next process().
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