Commit 55ff9337 authored by Sood's avatar Sood Committed by clusterfack
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Fixes laser hit sounds causing all sounds to stop. (#13590)

parent 6eece597
......@@ -139,7 +139,8 @@ var/list/impact_master = list()
L.apply_effects(stun, weaken, paralyze, irradiate, stutter, eyeblur, drowsy, agony, blocked) // add in AGONY!
playsound(loc, hitsound, 35, 1)
playsound(loc, hitsound, 35, 1)
return 1
/obj/item/projectile/proc/check_fire(var/mob/living/target as mob, var/mob/living/user as mob) //Checks if you can hit them or not.
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