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Commit 652ffb4f authored by clusterfack's avatar clusterfack Committed by GitHub
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Fix not all alien spells showing up in the tab (#11610)

Using multiple bitflags doesn't work with a switch, thus an if else-if change is necessary here.
parent cb5b4ed8
......@@ -1455,13 +1455,13 @@ var/list/slot_equipment_priority = list( \
for(var/spell/S in spell_list)
if((!S.connected_button) || !statpanel(S.panel))
continue //Not showing the noclothes spell
statpanel(S.panel,"[S.charge_max? "[S.charge_counter/10.0]/[S.charge_max/10]" : "Free"]",S.connected_button)
statpanel(S.panel,"[S.charge_max? "[S.charge_counter]/[S.charge_max]" : "Free"]",S.connected_button)
statpanel(S.panel,"Required [S.holder_var_type]: [S.holder_var_amount]",S.connected_button)
var/charge_type = S.charge_type
if(charge_type & Sp_HOLDVAR)
statpanel(S.panel,"Required [S.holder_var_type]: [S.holder_var_amount]",S.connected_button)
else if(charge_type & Sp_CHARGES)
statpanel(S.panel,"[S.charge_max? "[S.charge_counter]/[S.charge_max] charges" : "Free"]",S.connected_button)
else if(charge_type & Sp_RECHARGE)
statpanel(S.panel,"[S.charge_max? "[S.charge_counter/10.0]/[S.charge_max/10] seconds" : "Free"]",S.connected_button)
sleep(world.tick_lag * 2)
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