Commit 9f5884bb authored by SonixApache's avatar SonixApache Committed by Intigracy
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Un-comments nightvision toggling for combat borgs (#12485)

parent ddb8a6a8
......@@ -1375,10 +1375,10 @@
to_chat(src, "<span class='notice'>Security records overlay enabled.</span>")
if ("Medical")
sensor_mode = MED_HUD
to_chat(src, "<span class='notice'>Life signs monitor overlay enabled.</span>"/*)
to_chat(src, "<span class='notice'>Life signs monitor overlay enabled.</span>")
if ("Light Amplification")
src.sensor_mode = NIGHT
to_chat(src, "<span class='notice'>Light amplification mode enabled.</span>"*/)
to_chat(src, "<span class='notice'>Light amplification mode enabled.</span>")
if ("Mesons")
sensor_mode = MESON_VISION
to_chat(src, "<span class='notice'>Meson Vison augmentation enabled.</span>")
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