Commit fb05e053 authored by oranges's avatar oranges Committed by clusterfack
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Fix for grab move logic (#12518)

* Fix for grab move logic

The . = ..() call was removed in #12287 and replaced with a step for the standard case, so I infer it no longer worked to do the step call.

I assume this call in the grab code was meant to also be replaced but was overlooked.

This probably fixes #12516 but I didn't test it yet

* Forgot I changed that
parent 1e335cdb
......@@ -343,7 +343,7 @@
if ((mob.Adjacent(M) || M.loc == mob.loc))
var/turf/T = mob.loc
. = ..()
step(mob, dir)
if (isturf(M.loc))
var/diag = get_dir(mob, M)
if ((diag - 1) & diag)
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