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  • 1.02
    Release 1.02
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    Release 1.01
  • 1.0
    db7c99cf · hotfix (#10296) ·
    Release 1.0
  • v0.1.12   - Chirp as a nymph! - IPC fixes and balances - More changes to say() code - More unique satchels - Masks of Nar-Sie - pAI GUI overhaul - paper bundles. Made by hitting a piece of paper with another piece of paper! - Bunch of small map changes to make things better. - maintenance drones! - species specific sprite sheets. - Improvements to Vox Armalis. - Cyborg hud fixes. - Updates and improvements to the map patcher and the map cleaner to help with future map merge problems. - Adding mentors to game ranks.
  • v0.1.11   - overhaled say code - Chameleon items - Nano UI Virology - 3D sounds - AI channel colors - Inflatable walls and airlocks - carbon copy papers - undershirts and rolled down jumpsuits - insta-hit taser beams - changeling balances - removal and balancing of genetics
  • v0.1.10   - Updates to ZAS - New Medbay - Efficiency increases on backend processing - updates to smart-fridges - Changes to smoke grenades - Laser scalpels - 3D glasses - Welder backpacks - Made wood orderable from cargo - Removed telescience
  • v0.1.9   - Paint Mixing - New posters - New Nano UIs for APC, Canisters, tanks, tank transfer valves, gas temperature changing systems. - Pipe rework - Engineering redesign - IPCs - Dionaea sprites - New Security EOD suit - New Escape shuttle - Objectiveless Antagonists - Suit Collars - Gamemode autovote - Cyborg taperolls - Adjustments to blob and PDA bombing - APC fixes and updates - Bug fixes - A lot of behind the work revamps of old code
  • v0.1.8   - species specific blood colors - Nano UI for PDA - New weapons and weapon sprites - Ghosts can write in blood (admin-toggle) - Scaling fixes for Nuke Ops - Openable soda cans and beer bottles - bakeable cookies - Diona nymphs can be carried and worn - Map improvements to the chapel - Custom item additions - Nano UI improvements - Braindead has been replaced with SSD - Nymphs can now be cooked - Labcoats can carry more goods - Tiny objects can be worn behind the ear - Custom Sandwiches - Optimizations and bugfixes
  • v0.1.7   - Bomb disarming - Groundwork for artificial organs - Updates to surgery - New medicines - New embedding and armor stats system - Ghost Antag and medical HUDS - Ghostsight is bolbed when a mob is on screen - New hairstyles - New growable herbs in botany - Rebalances to Dionaea - Dirty tiles from usage - Hardsuits for xeno syndicate agents - Ninja gamemode - DNA rework - Burning paper - Cryopods - A bag for holding cash - New food items - Centcom telecoms are now on Centcom
  • v0.1.6   - A new supermatter engine - Multi-department faxes - Booze and soda dispensers - Bluespace and cryostasis beakers - Vending machine stocking - New manuals for atmos and EVA - Android and robot Alt titles for borgs - Grape soda - Massive rework of Xenoarcheology - Rebalance to paincrit - Pain-induced inaccuracy - Plasma windows - Telescience - Lots of fixes, including an exploit fix
  • v0.1.5   - Virology system changes. Contact transferred viruses, many fixes - Side effects return. Now they appear later, and are easily curable. - Map fixes and changes - Useless beach props. - Autovote - Sayu's Click code overhaul from TG - NanoUI updates - Fancy ghosts - Table flipping and cover system - Coat rack (not mapped anywhere yet) - Orderable pipe dispensers - Dialysis in sleepers - removes reagents from mob (with some blood) - More useless juices and drinks - Makes vendomats not require PIN by default - Lotsafixes
  • v0.1.4   Cyborg jobranks; People now have two ears; IA has fax machine to send whining to CentComm; IA stamps; Nano UI for chem dispenser; Creation of multiple pills at once in ChemMaster Replaces janicart with non-rideable version that stores gear. Megaphones Robot(p much Health) Analyzer for robots Gas masks helping against sleepies and toxins Fuel tanks exploding in fire OD effects changed from side effects to tox damage. Most chemicals cause OD when over 30u. Bicard slows IB. Large doses heal slowly. 720d74a Ton of fixes ZAS sleeping
  • v0.1.3   - Fixes out the arse. - Hardsuits, shoes and gloves are restricted based on species. Vox and Dionaea can't wear softsuits, Skrell can't wear hard helmets, and Unathi and Tajara can't wear hardsuits or most shoes and gloves. - New Sec sprites, some gear resprited, some gear entirely new. - Updated Vox helmet sprites. - Unathi, Tajaran and Skrell hardsuits. - Greyshirts now spawn with internals. - Pepper spray, IA security headset and ERT gear tweaks. - Nuke ops SMG stunlock removal. - Vent crawling now has a short delay. - Vox shuttle expanded/upgraded to have airlocks and more gear. - Two new Vox armour varieties. - Primitive mobs are now able to use radios and speak languages. - Diona from botany will now spawn as nymphs with their own powers and evolution. - Diona are now better at surviving in a vaccuum and eat radiation. - Preliminary NanoUI framework from Faerdan. - Helmet cameras are now a thing, with their own CAMERA network. - Round type will now be hidden for all modes except Extended. - Husked corpses can now be cloned. - Three new non-whitelisted secondary languages are now available.
  • v0.1.2   - 258 commits total. - Lots and lots of refactoring of species/mutantrace code to use languages and species datums and flags. Add Language, Remove Language, Set Species VV options. - Addition of Vox Heist mode. A team of six Vox raiders sneak around the station and steal your underpants. Also includes a shuttle for their use. - Lots of bugfixes. - Pod people rewrite, sprites and lore! - Brain worms, also called cortical borers! - Lots of string cleanup. - Character HUD now shows pain rather than abstract health. - Adjustments to bring Medical in line with pre-/tg/ merge BS12. - Booze will harm your liver. - ERT tweaks and adjustments. - ZAS tweaks. - Probably stuff I missed in the shuffle, make a post or hit me with rocks on IRC if you want it added.
  • v0.1.1   - Lots of refactoring of existing code to axe out unused shit. Details in https://github.com/comma/Baystation12/commit/1820a227a14b606a0a4acf9e55feacb4c47b6c4a and https://github.com/comma/Baystation12/commit/5703b8089d683e70aed7d360783ef9c3d9dd1324 - Changed way viruses are stored in mob, from single var to associative list (ID -> virus), which allowed for multiple viruses in same mob. - Added new viro machine - centrifuge. Its functinos are sxtracting of viruses and antibodies from blood sample vials. - Cure machine and isolator are removed from map because their functions are now divided between centrifuge and incubator (dish -> blood transfer) - Changed way symptom's 'severtiy' is decided for randomization procs from typecheck to var, since former caused there to be duplicated of syndromes only differening in severity typepath. - Added a few new syndromes, inculding brittle bones, adrenaline generator (stolen from TG's advanced viruses), balding (ditto), limb shutdown, DNA damage. Every stage now has at least one beneficial syndrome. - Added new reagent container - vial, 15unit glass container. - Beakers and other glass containers now hide their contents, only showing the amount. - Additionally, they can be labeled with a pen, up to a max of 10 characters. - Adds fire delay to all weapons (except automatics). - For most weapons it is only slightly bigger than clicking own delay, but still can see difference between revolver and SMG. - Shotungs do not get special delay because they are slow as they are anyway. - Biggest delays go to laser cannon (40 damage per shot) and pulse rifle, ~2 seconds for one shot. - Edits contents of virology biohazard closets to be more virus resistant. Now with robust internals! - Monkey Mob DMI Changes - Changes Farwa sprite to the one Fox approved of before he stepped down from whitelister of tajs. - Also re-adds in the pun pun sprite since that got removed. - Map Edits - Expanded Psych Office. - Added second toolbelt to robotics. - Fixed issue of the bar maintence door being in the kitchen cold room. Also fixed the mislabled camera. Oooops. - Added one each of the alien baby races to genetics. - Fixes misaligned AI door. - Constructable signs - Cyborg module tweaks. - readjusted composition of syndie bombs - set them to produce a 1-2-5 explosion for the fire changes - changed variable settings for the change in fire.dm - added one new variable - deleted three variables that are no longer used - changed how fire works - fire switched to release energy by burning fuel and generating heat from that - reorganzied the fire process in a saner manner - Initial pulse code. WIP - Updated pulse checking on examine, optimized handle_pulse(), fixed some grammar.
  • v0.1.0   Version 0.1.0